Saturday, July 2, 2016

Customs & Immigration at International Airports

a new view...
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement Logo
I just read on Conde Nast Traveler that the US Custom's & Immigration Service will begin fingerprinting every single person 
who arrives in the USA from a foreign destination.

Us too, I guess.

I think this is OK.

especially for the foreign travellers.

but, just how will this help?

they also will ask you to disclose all of your social media spaces

the fingerprints won't do a thing unless SOMEONE does something bad and our guys are able to catch them & fingerprint-match their prints.

all of us, well at least ALL that I know, say we do not seriously go after ISIS
with all our strength & might...&, of course, we don't want any more of our
military members sacrificed, or those from other countries.
we also don't want thousands of innocents killed.
so this begs the question....HOW did President Truman decide to use the bomb?
he KNEW innocents would be killed.
he KNEW it would bring the Japanese country to it's knees & lead to surrender.

so the means justify the end?
I just don't know.

seems to me that we need to discuss this with every other country on our planet.
the Chinese, the Russians, etc.
I cannot see how any government would want ISIS to prevail.

maybe negotiation, statesmanship, bartering,
destroying all the oil facilities ISIS holds currently, cut the $$ off so they
don't have financing for ANYTHING?

this worries me so much.
the entire world is losing so much freedom because of these barbarians,
or is the "NEW NORMAL?"



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Mary said...

If this is the new normal - and I fear you may be correct Marsha - I have to say I'm glad I'm older and that I've done most of my traveling. I now worry for our children, grandchildren etc. who still have dreams of traveling to other countries, to educate themselves in international circles, see the beauty of the planet, meet the good people, which thankfully most are. I just get depressed and so sad at the news lately. Someone must be out there who has the guts to deal with all this, hopefully sooner rather than later when it just may be too late. We cannot live in fear and isolation!