Sunday, July 10, 2016

Front Row....

Celine Dion front row at DIOR HAUTE COUTURE
her new look courtesy of a new stylist, it's very daring & dramatic & definitely fashionable.

the runway,
all designed by the 2 young assistants of Raf Simons, who departed Dior suddenly last year,
they have done a rather splendid job I think.

black & white
flat sandals, making the collection look a bit too young, but change the shoes & voila, BANG

so, going forward, we might be seeing some of these silhouettes ourselves.

do you like?

& on a personal note, I would like to tell all of you that I deleted the post I had up over the weekend about senselessness in America, the shootings of the Dallas police officers & other surrounding commentary.  I've never done this before. But.
someone I must know personally has made a few
anonymous comments which are very wounding to me,
about my age & how I should change my photo on the blog,
how I must be a husband-stealer, bleached blonde with big hair and other untrue things. in other words, someone who
does not like me at all.

can't imagine why they would read my blog if that's the case,
but there are many terrible things happening in our country & quite frankly, I'm afraid.

thankfully, I live in a secure location as this person has venom
spewing forth.  my computer is being taken to an examiner as
these comments are meant to be dangerous.
isn't it awful?
to be threatened through my blog?

many years ago I found a beautiful little framed quotation

"life is mostly froth & bubble
but some things stand like stone
kindness in another's troubles
courage in your own"



Rowan said...

Dear Marsha,
I was sorry to hear that you had been the recipient of cruel comments, that left you feeling afraid. I would not be overly concerned. Most trolls issue their unpleasant comments from the cowardly defense of anonymity. But it's especially disquieting that the writer has some personal knowledge of you from somewhere.
I didn't comment on your previous post as, not living in America, I have no first hand knowledge on the politics there, other than what one reads in the news.
I hope you gain some valuable information from the forensic investigation into your computer.
I like your blog with its posts on fashion, interiors, trips away and sometimes a political comment. A good mix! I think its a pity if the rantings of the minority silences others through fear. But then that what the peace march was supposed to be about too.
Keep going!
Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

Cleo from Jersey said...

Marsha, I am so sorry you felt you needed to remove a post that defined you as an intelligent, reflective, compassionate, independent person and thinker. One of the things I regret most about our current political and social situation, is the inability for people to disagree, thoughtfully, with open and respectful dialogue. How else will we ever be able to move beyond these terrible events, unless we can honestly evaluate and discuss the reality, without prejudice and rancor? When, as members of a civilized society, we align ourselves with certain ideologies that speak to our beliefs, and those public figures that seem to represent them, we take their representation on trust, for we really don't know them...we can only judge them by their actions. When those actions seem to be in contradiction to the rhetoric, we should be allowed to say that, for, if we lose sight of reality and fear speaking what we believe is the truth, we have lost ourselves, and made way for others to control our destinies.

I understand how difficult it is, on such a public forum, to be true to oneself, but I have always admired the courage of those who are open to dialogue and constructive reflection. At one point you said your blog posts were going to change...that you were going to write more openly on many different subjects, and some of those topics might be controversial. Well, I, for one, admire and respect that quality. NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO PRESSURE YOU TO BE SOMEONE OTHER THAN WHO YOU ARE...WHICH IS A PERSON WE ARE ALL THE BETTER FOR KNOWING, EVEN IF WE'VE NEVER MET.

When some are thoughtfully challenged and are not capable of introspection and thoughtful dialogue, they respond in the only limited way they know demeaning the other person. Ignore them, they are not worth your precious time. Speak to those who want to hear what you think and are willing to share parts of themselves. Respectfully and with admiration, Angela Muller

Cleo from Jersey said...

Marsha, one additional thought, here...eliminate the Anonymous category. Those who have something to say, need to own it. Angela Muller

joyful17 said...

What a terrible experience for you to have to endure. Why their is viciousness in this
world, and why it should be against you or anyone is beyond comprehension.

So stand strong...spit three times...and know you are loved by those that count....your family...your friends (including 4 legged ones) and of course your couintless fans!
Me included!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

thank you all so much.
I feel so much better after reading these reflective & responsible comments.

La Petite Gallery said...

They are all so stunning.
I answer comments and no one comes back???

Elizabeth Day said...

Marsha, I am just now reading your post from Sunday and could not agree more with what Cleo from Jersey wrote so eloquently. I will just let her speak for me. I will only add that I am so sorry you were verbally attacked and threatened. But I can't imagine it coming from someone who "knows" you. I've never seen you but feel like I know you. Enough said, my strong and beautiful friend.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

It is hard to believe that someone would spew such venom at YOU, of all people!! One of the kindest bloggers I "know". I am so sorry you felt the need to remove your post. Bloggers are usually the most supportive people, I can only guess that this person is not a blogger but a stalker. No good comes from meanness OR violence. WHEN will we learn this? Stay strong and keep your chin up!!! XO

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Forgot to mention: I love this line! I agree, just change the shoes and BAM, beautiful outfits!!

Sue Jubinville said...

Marsha, I, too, feel it is awful that you were threatened and felt you had to remove your post. You have every right to express your opinions...especially when tragic events happen in your home state. I live an hour and a half from Boston and have friends and family there...I remember how worried I was. And now Nice... it's all scary and heart-breaking. I appreciate the beauty and light that you share. We need it more than ever and you have my full support.