Sunday, August 7, 2016

Animal Crackers


now, who wouldn't want to wake up 
to the cows looking in your window?

these guys could even get me up EARLY !

I have a saying which, for me, is so TRUE:

waking up is a terrible way to start the day


  1. Mercy. You wouldn't like it around here...I'm up at dawn, or earlier, and tonight is a late night for me. Those puppies are totally cute!

  2. Marsha, the animals are cute, but I love that first photo! That simple blck dress, with elegant court shoes and floppy hat. Not to mention the model's gorgeous long legs. Altogether very stylish.
    Deborah - Melbourne.

  3. Proof that the LBD wins every time! But those puppies, they are just too too gorgeous, of course being a big Jack Rusell fan with two of our own here, I naturally love them. Can't wait until our girl has puppies next spring!

  4. I used to have that exact thing happen when I lived at the top of a big hill about 20 years ago. There was a farm half way down and the cows would regularly find a way out of the field and they'd go thundering past. Or be staring in when I lifted the blinds first thing in the morning! :)


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