Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunday's Animal Crackers #2

“  Swaledale Sheep - Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK

“  Antonia Wesseloh by David Oldham for Madame Figaro August 5th 2016

this is ONE PIECE OF DENIM I would wear all the time !!!!
but I wouldn't wear all that other stuff underneath, just fyi.

 it came from Antonia Wesseloh by David Oldham 
for Madame Figaro August 2016,

however, it would be so easy to copy...
& I have a wonderful dressmaker who could do it in a flash !

do you guys like it ????




Jaylyn Bray said...

Always love your blog, just so perfectly lovely.....

Anonymous said...

Do not like the dress? Those ruffles would bother the dickens out of me. Like you I love all animals, especially my little Sophie ( a Havanese) I shall say perhaps more than humans!!!

Annie v.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Ahhh, thank you so much !!!

Debs said...

The outfit isn't my style but I can imagine it would look fabulous on you :)

helen tilston said...

Hello Marsha,
A beautiful post and the sheep are delightful and always amuse.

The denim is striking and certainly makes a statement.

Have a superb week

Helen xx

La Petite Gallery said...

That denim is cute, but I would look top heavy in it and too old for it.
OH! to be young again. Love the sheep, Is that your Daughter with the Giraffe?