Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Have You Done This Yet ?

having lashes applied?

well, as you'd guess, I have !

I used to wear the little clumps all the time, 
I could apply them myself - from about the middle of my
lashline to the outside edges.  they really enhanced my eyes,
which are big & blue.

as with everything else, the trend kinda went out...
but NOW it's back bigger than ever.

my nail salon has someone who can do this with the same
little clumps that I used to use...and she does it on both eyes in about 30-45 minutes...
& charges $35.00 !!!

it's worth the time, my friends.
this girl gets it.

she applies to each client to suit their eyes & age.

we had a girl's day the other afternoon, and one of the friends,
who is way older than me, was dying to get eyelashes.

I'm telling you, she looked fabulous !!!

don't knock it if you haven't tried it !

& remember, if it's not fatal or permanent,



  1. How long do they last? I'd like to get some, but I'm unemployed and don't want to waste my money if they're only going to last a couple of weeks.

  2. Words to live by: "if it's not fatal or permanent, GO FOR IT !!!"
    Definitely words to live by.

  3. I just wrote similar words in something I'm writing!!! LOVE IT!! ... my eyebrow guru has been trying to get me to give them a go ... I'm lucky that my lashes only need a little (ok maybe a few coats sometimes) to pop ... but I'm thinking of trying it for the holiday season!! Hugs to you. Celia M. HighHeeledLife.com

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je ne savais pas qu'on pouvait avoir une pose de cils pour plusieurs jours... Combien de jours ?... Moi qui n'ai pas de longs cils cela doit être formidable. Cependant j'aurais peur que mon regard ne soit pas habitué !! mais si cela n'est pas éternel effectivement pourquoi pas !...

    Gros bisous 🌺

  5. You made me laugh out loud with the comment if it's not fatal or permanent GO FOR IT. I just may try this. Thanks

  6. SO< now WE Need a PHOTO of YOU with EYELASHES.......................XX

  7. Like La Contessa, I was waiting for the image of you - know they look fabulous! I haven't tried them but love seeing them on others. Happy Wednesday!

  8. Ooh, I'm interested. Marsha, would you mind mentioning which salon this is?

    Thank you!

    Shari (from Houston)


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