Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just About Perfect.....

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again, the white shirt/blouse
& now, with the holidays approaching, I'm going mad for RED.
plain red pumps when a wilder, more hip, girl would have chosen the platform wedge
or something with straps & tassels.

not our girl, she's polished to perfection, isn't she?

I'm, once again, starting a diet.
I've been on a diet or sorts all my life.
it's terrible.
but this time I must old boyfriend has called up out of the blue to say he's going to be in town mid October.

what's a girl to do?
run, walk, sit-ups, crunches, spinning, bikes, treadmill
except rabbit food.

is it worth it?
I don't know, but it would be so nice to lose the weight and to see him, as well.

is that having your cake & eating it too



  1. What a great post Marsha! Good luck with knocking off a few - if that's what's needed! Besides seeing an old flame you will feel better, and like me, be ready for all the great new fashions coming out at this, my personal favorite time of year for clothes!
    Love this look and, now I'm back and packing away all my olive/khaki safari wardrobe, I'm ready for the change Fall brings with a bit more color - such as my red coat! As for red shoes - I should consider a pair of heels for another upcoming trip however I can no longer walk/dance in that height! Any suggestions please?

    Happy day - Mary

    1. AHHHH, Mary, thank you for your support !!!
      We are all the way down into the 80's this week and think it's FALL. Of course, none of us would be seen in SUMMER CLOTHES any longer :)'S

  2. Wonderful photo! Lovely that you will see an old friend. You go girl!!!!! You can do it!!!!

  3. Thank you. Just love your posts and photos.
    Good luck with the diet and how nice to see an old flame.

  4. Marsha, I just purchased a purse with the small chain and I could not find where to put the color, so first is black then second choice is caramel. Thank you so much

  5. Love the red am thinking of getting a new red lipstick and nail polish to match
    Who's got the prettiest ones right now
    Good luck on the diet you'll be gorgeous

  6. you are gorgeous Marsha!

  7. Have fun with the diet, it's all in the attitude, if you feel good you will glow, you can have it all!
    Juice, juice, juice! You will be amazing...


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