Monday, October 10, 2016


I think my reader's have the fashion savvy to understand basic dressing.
we've gotten to the point that we know what works for us, right?

however, FASHION itself has CHANGED so much in recent seasons
that unless we're paying really good attention we might miss some of the fine-tuning
going on.

for one is more casual and a lot younger-looking,
but younger-looking in a way all of us can embrace, especially in Fall/Winter/Holiday.

look at Iris Apfel...none of us would dare criticize her, would we?
she's earned every single eccentricity !!
& she's still a fashion icon.

today...the outfit(s) below are just an experiment in having a single pair of pants,
they could even be black pants...
a lovely silk blouse
3 jackets
4 shoes
2 bags

& let's think about wearing some of these items, especially the high-tops.
as well as the un-matching shades of burgundy/violets/pinks....
this is the way it's done today

no one would ever accuse me of BASIC DRESSING  

ELEGANT DRESSING is what I'm all about.
elegant goes anywhere anytime.

but elegant doesn't mean BLACK either.

I go everywhere...from football stadiums, grocery shopping to black-tie balls,
and the ONLY thing I know for certain is that I look elegant.
elegant with an edge.
elegant with a touch of whimsy.

the high-tops are edgy
the whimsy are the earrings.

what do YOU THINK?



  1. Marsha, Adore all your choices. I so agree it's the little details that add elegance! Right now I'm loving pink and all the pink tones so this season I am finding so much to love! You have a great eye! x Kim


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