Thursday, October 20, 2016

Looks Like Something I Might Do

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even though I love sleek, clean, orderly....
when I'm working & where I'm working 
often resembles this room...
the good thing?  I have orderly piles !

but, in spite of all this, I'm finding this room very very comfortable-looking, 
probably lived-in by someone very intelligent.

what about you?
do you see anything you like here?


Thank Goodness The Debates Are OVER !
my nerves are shattered !!
this has gone on for FAR too long, so along with term limits we should also have limits on the amount of time a campaign can go on.

& we all know that no matter who wins the election we, as Americans, will support the President.


  1. That's a gorgeous room, and I like the subtle shading of paint colors. All those books, just lovely.
    Agree that political campaigns in the US are far too long. A good fix is to shut off the money spigot by making them centrally-funded, and repealing the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, which allows shadowy groups to spend unlimited amounts. A big part of the length is because so many industries, such as PACs and TV and commentators, have financial interest in keeping it going on and on and on.

    1. Emm, very well said! Of course, $$$$ .

      Too much money as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Love this! It looks like a room out of war and peace!


  3. I just love everything about this room!

  4. I love books, my husband would be in his element here just as it is. But I wonder is it the books that make this room look so inviting or is it the colours, the furniture, the rug, the paintings, everything looks comfortably old and solid, it's sending out a message, "I have been around for ages and will continue to be." It is welcoming the outsider in, to browse and sit and stay a while.

    1. Definitely a place for a man. But it's not a Man-Cave !!

  5. There isn't anything about this room I don't like. Absolutely beautiful and so welcoming.

  6. THIS IS ME!
    ORDERLY............most likely NOT!But I can usually FIND what I am looking for in a pinch!XX

  7. Hello Marsha,

    It is a beautiful, realistic, working room and I can definitely relate. Like you, my studio is disorganized when I am working but it does get organized every few days.

    Have a super weekend
    Helen xx

    1. The only thing I don't see there is a tube of my lip gloss, which is something I can't leave without! xx's

  8. Love this post and your comments. Thanks for being here, there, everwhere?!


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