Sunday, October 2, 2016

News From The House

we have been working through the summer to create a 

all this being done to make it easier for you to shop ALL my merchandise, without waiting for it to be posted to the blog.

it's LIVE now & is reached by clicking the
at top left sidebar.

there are many things not yet uploaded to the site,
like the silk scarves, jewelry & many many more
genuine leather handbag styles, but we're working.

from time-to-time my readers' will be offered a discount,
unavailable to anyone else, so following along is a good thing which might also save some $$

we have many of the handbags shown below in stock & ready to ship, so if you don't see your color, just email me...we may have it !!!!!!

after the pitiful showing against the New England Patriots (also MY team) last week, my real team,
will be on the field today...wishing JJ Watt a speedy recovery as he's such a great young man
& true representative of the entire team .

happy October !!!


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  1. Nice displays. The bag with the braided handle says it has "a portable traveler & a detachable phone holder". Not sure what that is, or what they are. ??
    At some point, can you add interior pictures to the descriptions? It helps in assessing if a bag is The One.


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