Thursday, November 17, 2016

Let Me Tell You About Jasper..

Dana Perino, a former Press Secretary in the White House, is a lovely woman
who's written the most wonderful new book called
which I'm reading right now.

Cover art

it is wonderful, my friends !!!
first, it shows Dana's real personality, not just the one we see on TV,
& because she absolutely loves DOGS, as I do, this book will bring you much joy.

β€œ Precious πŸ’™

the photo above shows why every single one of us why we LOVE DOGS.
I mean, WHO could resist this?

I'm going to give this little book to everyone I know (who hasn't already read it !! )
for Christmas, or may for Thanksgiving.

something you won't believe...the portrait of Jasper, painted by
former President George W. Bush, gifted to Dana, is simply wonderful.
he has a huge talent !!!

β€œ β€œ daisy in repose by manyfires on Flickr.
” ”

β€œ Hush little baby, don’t say a word. Found them in a train in London (Source:

the above image shows a guy who found this little dog, who had evidently strayed away...
he was just looking high & low for his owners, was scared to death & hungry.
the man took hold of him immediately.
no words.

β€œ This dog hardly ever gets loved on ⚑️

β€œ  photography ~ Adorable Puppies By Juliane Meyer

I'm off to the post office to mail many
 parcels of orders we've received,
but I just had to tell you about Jasper !!

& all the other wonderful dogs in our world.
I know many of you love them as much as I do !!

something I've noticed lately, 
every time I see a photo of animals I smile.
animals must make me happy ?
yes, in fact, they do !!


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  1. Man's best friend, I couldn't live without our dogs, the most faithfully and loyal of companions. I always remember a few lines from Rudyard Kipling's poem, Four Feet. "Day after day, the whole day through - wherever my road inclined - Four Feet said "I am coming with you" and trotted along behind!"


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