Monday, November 14, 2016

Mr. Church - A Must-See Movie + This 'n That

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showing merchandise
scarves, ruanas/ponchos, handbags

Eddie Murphy 
Mr. Church

it is extraordinary

Mr. Church Movie Review

don't try to make this something that it isn't.
it's a really thoughtful movie about human relationships, as varied as they may be.
there is a lot of vagueness; but one doesn't need to know more that it shows;
it makes us think.
it tells a simple story, one of love, friendship, devotion and simple human kindness
it's well worth the time.

& it made me cry because I felt what it was trying to convey.

maybe you will too.

the new Starbuck's Christmas Cups
the red is back but this year they've taken art from their
customers and made them into MILLIONS of
Christmas Cups
happy stuff...
just a little bit of extra work to put this on your 
Thanksgiving PIE

which you would make in the  PERFECT kitchen

perfect outfit

“ | Fashion Tumblr, Street Wear & Outfits

gotta get myself to the post office, we're mailing about
18 parcels today, all merchandise my lovely reader's have purchased.   makes me so happy!

thank you, my friends.



  1. You had my attention on everything until the outfit. Cute, but I can't imagine wearing those shoes all day. And the sweater may be a little warm for Dallas. But, I'm glad to see linen-like pants are still a go for that late in the Fall.

  2. Hello gorgeous one, just popping in to say big helloey and to send you lots of love this Autumn. Mwah! XXX

  3. I will definitely have to check out that movie! And I am loving the starbucks holiday cups too; they are just so cute and fun!



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