Friday, December 23, 2016


Life is mostly froth & bubble
but some things stand like stone...

kindness in another's trouble
courage in your own.

 this little poem hangs on my kitchen wall where it's been for many many many years.  
it means as much to me today as it did when I first saw it.

in the tumult of today's world
we must remember to reach out & touch someone with kindness
each and every day.

get out there and make someone else smile!

I bought some really silly Christmas pins so I could hand them out to people I wanted to see smile.
know what?
it works.

always be good to animals, all animals...
they are our Earth's creatures and each of them are 

say thank you for being a friend.

take a cup of sugar to someone.

have a wonderful Christmas with your friends & families...
& know how much each one of you mean to me.

throughout all these years YOU have sustained me.
YOU have lifted me.
YOU have supported me.

& I am thankful, so very thankful...


  1. Sending love to you Marsha! I have never met you but love these words. Have a blessed holiday🎄

  2. Dear and beautiful Marsha
    You always touch my heart with just the right words. Thank you for the beauty you share with us and your wisdom and courage, I hope you are enjoying peace and love with your family. Although Im late with my message I wish you a very Happy Christmas and wonderful new year.
    With the blessings of the season and fondest love
    Sally xx


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