Monday, January 9, 2017


one of the easiest ways I know to elevate the room, elevate the event,
elevate the dinner table, is to light tons of candles.

it really doesn't matter what kind of holders you use...


many many many votives marching down the table, or placed around the room,
the flickering light really enchants, I think.

right now, I'm cleaning my kitchen storage areas and I'm amazed to find ALL these
candles.  you see, since I moved from a big house into a highrise I have been
very slow in getting organized.
but to me organization is vital to my sense of well-being.
so.  there are so many candles I'm thinking I must share them with some of my friends
or even with my lovely neighbors.

the lack of space is what is chasing my goals now.

I know all of us know how it is to live in a big, sprawling have so many storage
options you never run out of space, but my life is no longer this way.
I have NO storage in the apartment.
I have a huge storage unit a few blocks away, but it's NOT in my home, so going over
there, though close-by, is still a trip.

but, back to the point.

light the room up in the evening,
even if you're just watching TV,
the little candles make it so special, so inviting, so homey.

& now, your you love candles?
what kind of candles?

tell me !!!

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  1. flickering candles....the most essential in a home. You don't need many furniture but
    candles, Curtains and carpets (latters not really)...perhaps champagne???....and it doesn't matter where you light your candles (long, thick, cone or spherical shaped)either in a hut or in a castle.

  2. So so true, candles change the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere, we use them every evening, every night at dinner we light candles, it makes our family meal just a little more special, even though it is a daily very normal occurrence. And totally agree with you about organisation, when everything is neat and tidy and there is no clutter, from the children, I feel I can tackle anything!!

  3. I LOVE candlelight ...... the more candles, the better. We went to Dennis Severs house { a 17th century Hugenot silk weavers house in the city of London, just before Christmas .... I've just done a post on it } and the whole house is light with hundreds of candles and dressed for Christmas ..... so beautiful. XXXX


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