Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring/Summer Styling....

Women <br/> Behind Worth

all from WORTH New York, the fashion house has been around for 25 years,
in the same price range as Lafayette, yet completely different.
& different 4 seasons a year.
my new workplace in Houston

loving this navy dotted multi-tiered maxi skirt
the way I dress today I could wear this all the time...
so I've ordered it for myself it's so great !

This jacket, below,  is a show-stopper, no question. It has the iconic lines of the open-front, no-collar style. So it's the fabric that's game-changing. Varied yarns are interwoven with chiffon to create a textural stripe. And the edges are trimmed in a multi-color braid. Fabulous.

working like crazy, contacting all my ladies who were previous clients, and my girlfriends are all helping...
I have a beautiful, young assistant to model the apparel 
if need be,
& another woman, with decades of retail experience, 
who is working behind the scene 
on administration and operations.

so far?
I've discovered WORTH is a wonderful company !!!

but come back & purchase from me, please

& lastly, this amazing sequined BLACK SKIRT
with the side slit, 
both side seams have a tuxedo stripe in black braid,
believe me, this skirt can go almost anywhere
completely depending on the top you choose.

I'm also buying this piece, & will wear it with a black silk chiffon long sleeved blouse, untucked,
with ropes of beads or pearls.
but on vacation you could wear it to dinner with a cute top or a tee & look swoon-worthy fashionable.



lydia said...

Marsha, please please please can you sell to us online or can we special order though you. I know I don't have a worth near me. (MId coast Maine)

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Absolutely ‼️
I would love to take special care of you ❤️