Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Back to Italy

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goodness, seems EVERYONE is talking about ITALY
on their blogs, even Vicki Archer today.

but, you guys KNOW I LOVE ITALY more than anyone else
& I'm going to post about it as long as I live,

I've made the photos as large as possible so just move the screen left to right & vice versa to see the entire view.

the world famous "faraglione" (sea stack) viewed from Capri

you see, Capri is a world unto itself...
the jeunesse doree' decorating the cafe tables and dressing the narrow lanes of Capri.

the young & the restless, the rich & the almost famous, Americans, Italians, Europeans
and the ubiquitous Asians.

those who tender in from their mega-yachts or those who ferry in from Sorrento 
(which is what we did, of course).  

the summer tableau of Italy's sublime island pulsates in a kaleidoscope of high fashion, high
style and astronomical wealth.

the scene at Il Riccio Ristorante
where the noonday lunch could easily reach $300 a person

below a Methuselah of Rose' for 10 people

the main thing I see is that EVERYTHING, and I mean everything is
there are no French designer shops anywhere in sight,
everyone wears or carries ONLY ITALIAN.

where else, in such a diminutive hamlet, are $45,000 handbags sold alongside
$40,000 whimsical rhino sculptures, and the fine jewelry can easily reach into the 6 & 7 figures?

where else does the town square, the Piazza Umberto, become the social vortex ?
the cognoscenti understand that reservations are a must, especially at the terribly chic
Gran Caffe'

handmade shoe shops are a favorite stop for those who can wait for luxury,
and for those who cannot, directly across the way is the Gucci shop,
carrying all the men's & women's designs they make.
I bought my son a pair of shoes there, as he's very small, like an Italian, and I knew he would
love them. He, of course, was out climbing around on some rock to get the best view for his next photo image.  

what I've discovered is that people who come to Capri LOVE the crowded
spaces, they love the see and be seen vibe, which I long ago outgrew

martinis being made table-side at the amazing
Punta Tragara
lemon drop, lemon drop, lemon drop

poolside at the 5-Star Punta Tragara

all of this action is mid-way up the island, you can go up the funicular or be driven from the dock.

the relaxation of AnaCapri, the next level up the island is totally different, much more casual,
much less crowded, more what I would like.

however, scattered among all the craziness are beautiful homes, behind tall hedges, and it's
delightful to try to seek them out from the little lanes throughout the island.

and the hotel of particular importance is the
Hotel Quisisana

where hanging out by the front door is super smart.

other than the proper clothes, the only thing you must have is a

& these shoes

central heels, natural, large

not at all Italian, but OMG SO CUTE


  1. oh Marsha, I understand your love for Italy and
    especially for Capri where I will visit the 3rd
    time in Octobre for 1 week . It's not the glamorous part of C.(which is perhaps hidden)
    but the amazing nature, the hidden walks and
    beaches, the smell and much more which is so

  2. Mumbai, I know, I know, I know. That's why I prefer AnaCapri now. I think, as I said in the post, that ONCE is enough to experience the high profile lifestyle & clubby groups mid=mountain. I love looking at everything everywhere. But, my favorite thing to do is take a villa overlooking the sea in Sorrento and use that lovely place as our base. So now we ferry over & ferry back on the same day. Have a splendid time !!! Is that the rainy season then?

  3. rain....2 yrs ago we had only some short showers
    the rest was sunny and pleasure temperature just
    right to walk and sunbathing too. All the best
    for your new home. On one hand it is sad to give
    up something on the other it's always a new experience.

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