Friday, July 28, 2017

This & That

& now we have this scarf, in a beautiful

100% Silk
extra large square, heavy luxurious scarf

payment link on left sidebar.

Precious Little Cross-Body or Shoulder Bag
this bag is black vinyl with faux pearl accents
but that little BEE steals the show doesn't it?

& all this cuteness at a wonderful price !

+ Shipping

USA & Canada ONLY

9" X 6"

payment link on top left sidebar

delivery 2 weeks
I ordered 2 dozen of this bag as we have a trunk show coming up in September,
so don't wait to order

& on the flip side of mini...we have this...
 it appears that

this from the DVF Fall 2017 Collection
& while I like it very much with that outfit I think it would be difficult to carry with most of my daytime outfits, which tend to be CASUAL X10.

I mean, WHO dresses up 
unless one is working where that is required?
someone in one of the shops told me the other day 
that SUITS are dead !
I don't know about suits, 

but last night I went to the casual dining room
as a guest at the Houston Country Club, 
and every single woman in the room
had on a jacket of some kind.  
not a suit, but a jacket over slacks, pants, etc.
anyway, I saw the most amazing young women 
(like 25 years old) walking outside, beautiful X10,
wearing low-rise jeans with the most gorgeous blouses ever.

OK, now back to the handbags.

“Katlin Aas for Diane von Furstenberg, Fall 2017

I found these the other day at market, and nearly passed out, because THEY
are the LOOK OF THE MOMENT, I think.

whatta you think?

Vintage Design Genuine Leather Ladies Large Package Half Moon Shape Thick Leather Female One Shoulder Bag Women Composite Bag

about 12" wide across the top & 20" long from bottom of strap
rough cut

this was a very small girl helping out in the showroom
so the bag looks a bit bigger compared to her size






& this lighter shade of brown, like MILK CHOCOLATE

NIUBOA Genuine Leather Shoulder Bags 100% Genuine Leather Tote Women Cowhide Handbag Messenger Bag Top Quality Composite Bag Set





anyway, here's the deal,

they are expensive for me to purchase and I would have to sell 
them for about
to make even a small profit.

I'll have one of the BLACK ones for myself because I love the
way it looks,
but the BROWN looks so much more fashionable, I think.

you could wear all black & add this brown bag &
etc etc etc
imagine brown boots too !!

so I have to order 6 of each color, minimum

they'll be delivered just after Labor Day.

XL Leather Tote payment link top left sidebar

& just to keep you interested I wanted you to see this
home for sale in the Texas Hill Country on Lake Travis
which is about 30-45 minutes from Austin.

on 30 acres at the highest point on this side of the lake, the over 11,000 sq.ft. home
has stables, paddock, tennis court, huge pool, etc, etc, etc.
click here to see details
when compared to prices around the world this home will "seem" inexpensive
for what you'll be getting.  as well, ALL Texas home prices seem inexpensive when
compared to other large cities.

working on my house this weekend, dinner tonight with girlfriends at a divine place
just across the lane on the side of our building, I can walk over. it's called
& it's my favorite place to go!
their salmon tartare is divine and I do mean divine and it's all that I order,

Image result for photo salmon tartare

well, along with a couple glasses of wine.
they have an icy cold Rose wine I order in summer, it's beautiful to look at in the glass
& amazingly crisp & refreshing with the tartare.

Related image

this beautiful cafe has an al fresco area, casual bar and barside dining, and then upstairs a
formal dining room with white glove service.
it also has a Macaron Bar &
the only Assouline Bookshop in the USA

Image result for la table houston photos

looking toward the back of this outdoor dining area, just across the street is where I live.
not too bad is it?

right in the middle of everything, 1 block off Post Oak Blvd & San Felipe.
I walk my little dog around this every morning before anyone opens up, he actually stops & smells
the flowers everywhere.

my building

reception area



Lauren said...



Marnie Craven said...

I like the deeper brown on the large bag better than the lighter, rougher brown. Do you know which color you are ordering?

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Marnie, there is another brown, a lighter brown. The one shown is dark brown, then there is a milk chocolate brown. Please send me your email & I'll show it to you. xx's

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Gorgeous bags and truly gorgeous where you live Marsha. Sometimes we spend so much time organising trips overseas when there is often beauty on our own doorstep xx

Elizabeth Day said...

I could live in the reception area, but I'm assuming that would be frowned upon. Absolutely love the scarf! Just don't know what I would do with it.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

L...the BOARD frowns on anyone doing anything in this lovely area. Someone wanted to have a wine tasting party for the I could go on. Come Christmas, I'm decorating the entire space with what I have in my storage going unused. Love love love...

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Just got back from Hawaii. And, it is so HOT in Houston it's unbearable. 100f !!!