Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Have Something to Share With You

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every now and then, while we're not looking for it, 
we come across something of
extreme interest to US.

I'm about to tell you about this site I've discovered called

apropos this, via InstaGram I've become increasingly aware of how hideously we raise our
livestock as food.

I'm beyond shocked by the cruelty and uncaring ways us humans can treat warm-blooded creatures,
and because of this I'm off MEAT ENTIRELY.  all meats.
also dairy, and maybe even eggs.

but, I digress.
this site DailyOM appeared as an ad on IG

I clicked over because it said
8-Week Weight Loss Program.
$25.00 for the course.

I have NEVER been so inspired.  NEVER !!

every single day a new daily plan arrives in my mail box.

it's inspirational, and I know it will work.
how do I know?
because I'm following it, reading it, and doing it.

&, for me, this is VERY UNUSUAL
as I'm a slacker when it comes to dieting.
I eat at odd hours, I eat very little, but it's not the right stuff,
& now I realize this.

they aren't paying me to promote their site.
I'm doing it because I  believe they're got something good going on.

not just weight loss.
I mean, there's something for everyone.
so before you choose to purchase anything make sure you look at all their options and classes.

sometimes, I don't have the coping skills and/or the time
to fully register the benefit of each day's program...
but it doesn't matter as they are always available on their site,
once we are signed back in.
so, that's a very good thing.

there are courses on organizing our homes, letting go of our stuff,
yoga, visualizing, embracing our creativity, etc.
it's worth looking into, my friends.

I'm going to Santa Fe in September with
my ex-husband & his wife of 25 years,
whom I call my "wife-in-law"
& of course, I want to lose weight, right !!

I'm already planning what I'm packing !

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ejkh555 said...

I'm also looking forward to it! Haven't decided what to wear, but I know it will have a slight chill because of the elevation, so I'll plan accordingly.