Monday, August 21, 2017

This is SO Me !!!

Etro '17

(   that's Italian !!!   )

remember, I'm 5 '7" so I can wear this look,
love every single thing about it !


Regine Karpel said...

Get it.

Karen T. said...

Love it! If you have the height to pull it off (I don't), then go ahead and rock it! I also love the shoes!

Goldie Stetten said...

Eclectic sophistication, love it!

Anonymous said...

It would look BEAUTIFUL on YOU! Buy it NOW!! And please tell me where I can get one too!!!

Mary said...

Marsha, if you find two I want the other one.
ETRO does the best Bohemian, beautiful fabrics. The colors could perhaps make me change my very neutral wardrobe. I'm 5'8" so will qualify.
One other thing though - I need to win the lottery!!!!
Mary x

Anonymous said...

Go for it - YOLO!

Lauren said...

Love this look!