Tuesday, September 5, 2017

All the Rage in Skin Care

there are several Sephora shops around me, 
and I was looking for something
great for "mature" skin, hydrating being the most important.

I saw these lovely little boxes with the item above, 
and many many more variations,
and just had to try it.

it's really just a night-time gel creme...

and let me tell you, IT WORKS !!

the ORCHID received 100% rave reviews, while all the rest were in the 90% range,
so, of course, I bought the ORCHID one.

I've chosen all the contents for my

&, ladies, this ORCHID mask will be included in every box.

I'll be posting a full run-down of the contents shortly.

more luxurious than the Summer Box, 8 splendid items,
retail value about $450.00

price $150 
gratis shipping

you're gonna D.I.E.

now, back to work on my home, my work, my wardrobe...
I'm going to Taos & Santa Fe in a couple of weeks
so I'm already thinking of what I'll pack.  

I'll do a post on this when I've got it down.


& thank you OVER & OVER to all of you who donated via
my blog to the HURRICANE victims.

together we raised over $45,000 to go into 
JJ Watt's campaign
which I've been posting about on my InstaGram..

I think there is a Highway 99 nearby
that from now on will be call JJ Watt Road
(his # on the Texan football team is 99 )

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