Thursday, September 28, 2017

Seasonally Simple Centerpiece for the Breakfast Room

don't you just LOVE this ?

I mean, in just about 5 minutes you could create this little lovely, a few sprigs from the garden,
a few squash from the market and some brilliant container, doesn't have to be rustic, I could
see this in an Italian bowl, or a silver piece as well as this wooden bowl.

since returning from Taos & Santa Fe, where the weather was cooler, I'm in the
mood for PUMPKINS !!!

I have no where to make a big beautiful display outdoors (sadly), but the idea of
PUMPKINS has taken over.  it's all I can do to resist.

but I'm going to a party waaaay up in the swanky hill country next week and THERE
I can satisfy some of my creative needs and work on a front door for my

OK, don't forget we're kinda-sorta taking an informal poll to see if we have enough
interest in a GIRL'S SPRING FLING next year ??????
read previous post about this, please.


and MY FALL BOX OF LUXURY is available.
click on the link in my header to take you to the full description/reveal of contents.
or read the previous post.
some of the items may be purchased separately.


in the mean time, at last count JJ Watt's Hurricane Aid Fund has reached almost $40,000,000.
for me this shows the GOOD our sports figures can do.
I think you get what I'm saying.
thank you again to all of you who answer our call, I know,
first hand, how much this meant to individual people.

yesterday a horse was returned to his owners who were
overwhelmed with joy.
the horse had been rescued by the men who came to help out.

this is America, not the divisiveness we see today.



  1. Replies
    1. Hey Shelly, thank you for this 4-letter comment. A very important word, indeed.

  2. I cannot wait to hear the details of this trip! I am definitely interested. Also I love the fact that 40,000000 was raised. How wonderful.

    Have fun in the hill country.

  3. Dear Marsha...thank you for your heart felt efforts responding to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. I corresponded with you last year regarding an order for my son's girlfriend and my order of a ruana that decided not to show. You sent me a replacement are a class act. Truly I would love to join you on your trip to Italy...perhaps another time. Blessings...Susan


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