Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Some Enchanted Evening


years ago, when my precious husband was alive & well
we always hosted a beautiful Christmas party in our home.

getting the house ready from the end of the driveway in front to the rolling creek
along the back property was always something I planned for months in advance.


I think the planning is part of the excitement, don't you?
Ned was in charge of the wines & the bar and he loved doing that part of it too.
choosing the wines was done with special care, as it was very important to himvthat something wonderful was served.  

I can remember staying up until 3AM decorating 
the front entryway.
my girlfriend would be there helping, my housekeeper and one of her friends would be there.  
We fluffed & puffed every single thing we were installing.
and yes, I had Jeffrey, the handsome guy who designed and built all the remodeling
of this house, and went to every single party we attended, and was a part of the family.he could do ANYTHING !

I'm going to retrieve some of the photos of these parties to show you during this holiday season.
and I'll tell you some really funny stories as it all transpired.

for today, I'm showing you a couple of outfits I would have worn if THEN had been NOW.

Off-the-Shoulder Column Evening Gown w/ 3D Petals

Jacquard Shirtwaist Gown w/ Belt

Badgley Mischka
found here

tell me,
what do you look forward to the most at holiday time

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