Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What Are You Wearing for Thanksgiving ????

when I'm at home doing most of the cooking,
I'm in the most unbelievable collection of clothes that cannot be hurt while doing all the work,.

so we won't be going there today :)'s

once I'm certain all is well, almost finished,
I go get dressed.

we're kind of informal at home, but dress-up casually.
Houston doesn't always have Fall weather at Thanksgiving
but we try to wear Fall colors for dinner.
it wouldn't be unusual for me to wear a pair of beautiful
JohnnyWas silk pants, the beautiful printed ones,
with a simple cashmere or silk sweater on top.
beautiful earrings, but no other jewelry because I'm the hostess and those pieces might get in the way.

the above is just right up my alley,
the black sweater has the white collar banding & the blue/black hem all in one piece,
so it won't be hot !!  

the jacket probably won't be worn but I have it just as it looks in the image.
Dries Van Noten

I don't have help on Thanksgiving, except for friends or
other family members, so I'm right in there with all the
dishes, etc.
in fact, I prefer doing it all myself even if I'm up till 2AM



OK, now tell me:

what are YOU wearing Thanksgiving Day ????


  1. Lovely!


  2. As I write this I should be looking for some misplaced pie pans! Thanksgiving is the only Holiday/family event where I am not the cook. My Son is our host but there are several of his favorite dishes that I make and take. The gathering is always eclectic, sadly our family is dwindling but various souls from hither and yon tend to be in attendance, a practice started by my DIL years ago, sadly she is no longer with us. We are, however, grateful for many things and great friends are part of that experience. What will I wear? Not sure yet but something warm. Snow flurries in Western Pa. today. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing your style and elegance with your readers who appreciate each day and look forward to the festivities to come.

  3. Thank you for a great idea Marsha! I have two pairs of Johnnie Was silk pants and I’ve never paired them with a cashmere sweater but I will. We’re having dinner with friends at a beach house and sharing the cooking. My children will be here for the weekend, I’ll be doing it all myself but on Saturday. Enjoy it! And thanks again! Love you posts!

  4. Have a perfect Thanksgiving Day tomorrow dear Marsha!

    Like you, I'll be doing some cooking so start out the day in my sloppy 'work/house clothes' then later change for the meal. This year I'm wearing a new pair of just above the ankle black velvet 'cigarette pants', flat black ballerinas with leopard trim, and perhaps a simple pale gold, long soft sweater. Gold hoop earrings - bracelets and necklaces not necessary - and my reading glasses so I can see what the heck I'm doing in the kitchen, haha!

    Have a fun time. We leave for the coast on Friday to unwind and have someone else cook and wait on us for a couple of days - then back to start working on Christmas as we're staying home this year.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. Hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  6. At the moment it's hot sausage splash with just a touch of gizzard gravy. Later tomorrow it will be gray and gold with my snazzy ankle boots (with sparkles on them!!) EnJOY the trimmings everyone!! franki


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