Saturday, December 9, 2017


White Christmas Mojito.

White Christmas Mojito

I was going to tell you about this recipe, but then I realized it had

I can tell you, I would never make something like this at my home if I had guests,
unless they were all pre-made.

anyway, a tiny Christmas story:
one of my uncles had a passion for
Whiskey Sours

he made them for every single holiday and often started serving them around
10 am
as this was the time other family members arrived with various dishes for the elaborate meal.

in our family, when I was growing up, everyone contributed something to the meals.
I think this was part of the fun.

so, from the time I was six years old I knew about the famous Whiskey Sours,
though I never knew what they tasted like.
WE had cherry cokes, made with real cherries & juice.

my uncle passed a long time ago, but there is never a holiday when we don't remember him
& toast to him, as he made us have such fun.
my other uncles and my dad ALL loved him.

to those who have gone before, who taught us so much,
we still remember and we will always love you.


  1. I always remember our Uncle Aubyn, who every Christmas gave my sister and me a new Kodak Brownie camera. Seriously, we had more Kodak Brownie cameras than any other little kid we every knew. Makes me giggle to think of it, even to this day. Hey, were you ever able to send the two plaid scarves that I ordered? I've never received them. Check and let me know when possible. Thanks! Hope that you are having a great holiday season. Cherry Kay

  2. What a wonderful memory of your uncle. I have so many Christmas memories it makes me happy thinking about them at this time of the year. My mom has 9 bothers and sisters and I have 27 cousins so we have always had a huge Christmas!Thank you for sharing your memories.


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