Thursday, December 14, 2017

What Do You Wear at Home on Christmas Morning/Day

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this is sorta kinda what I wear for early morning coffee & sweets with the family...

I do change later on into something more dressy but 

Taby Heavy Cashmere Oversized Sweater, Bright Red


Lauren said...

Love that red sweater!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You can't go wrong with red at Christmas, can you Marsha ?!! I usually wear something comfortable and black ! I'm sure that your home looks beautiful. XXXX

Sue J. said...

I always wear red, too, Marsha, usually with a Christmas scarf and a couple of pieces of jewelry which belonged to my grandmother. I'm so blessed. l host the family here for dinner on Christmas Day and we have lots of fun.

Your beautiful Holiday Box arrived last week and it is fabulous! The items inside are wonderful...I'll be giving some and keeping some. (keeping more than giving!) Thank you for such a special and affordable box of treasures!

Ima Blank said...

Whores wear red, but not in bed.