Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I'm Planning

an ancient villa in Sorrento sitting on a high cliff above
the Mediterranean Sea, just next door to the
luxury Bellevue Syrene Hotel,
a place I will never forget seeing from the balconies of the hotel.

cannot help but wonder about the amazing history of
this beautiful structure, who designed it, for whom it
was designed, who actually lived there
& on & on

“Neoclassical villa Sorrento.

one of the little streets in Positano as you make your way
down to the beach

sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how much it needs to be done,

my mind is not thinking "clean up this mess" right now

it's thinking about what to wear, how to style it, what's the weather going to be like

my group is heading to our regular Sunday Tex-Mex joint,
but we're going "into the back room" where all the big screen TV's are located, as well as walls of French doors (I know, don't ask "French doors in a Tex-Mex joint?)
to keep the noise down.

the entire room will be friends

everyone already knows I'm a true-blue PATRIOTS FAN.
when my hometown team is playing, THE HOUSTON TEXANS, of course, THEY are my team and I cheer.

Image result for new england patriot insignia photo

so maybe something like this ?

or this

but then my mind roams and I start thinking of what I'll take to the Amalfi Coast later
this year...

like this

or this, definitely this

Cool Chic Style Fashion : something red and classic who what wear - australian fashion week street style - Photo: Liz Sunshine

well, NOT THOSE SHOES, please

you know, we'll be outdoors most of the time, walking, shopping, dining, cocktailing, shopping, just sitting and overlooking the
beautiful Mediterranean Sea (I could do this for hours!).

sandals, sandals, sandals
but ones that stay on your feet and are really comfortable.

no one is inside on the Amalfi Coast,
even the shop doors are wide open with the various owners standing in the doorway waiting to greet you with the
most generous of welcomings.

most of you already know, I don't wear jeans very often,
but definitely not on this holiday..

I need something lighter in feeling and more Italian.
linen or silk or cotton pants,
maxi skirts with tees
tons of jewelry if you want to put up with it,
but not serious jewelry, fun stuff...
or just buy it there

oh, and I love love love
Brunello Cucinelli

Floral-Print Linen Scarf

and Johnny Was

Handmade Silk Kimono by Johnny Was Clothing

well, you get the idea I know.

OK, so now ...



  1. when nothing is sure everything can happen. Enjoy dreaming but the way between dream and
    realisation is action.

  2. Why not buy your sandals there? Isn't the famous sandal/thong shop on Capri Island (where they made Jackie O a pair and it became their signature design)? I can't remember the name now but I am sure you will find some gorgeous sandals to wear ;-)


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