Thursday, January 18, 2018

Questions for the Amalfi Coast Villa Holiday

my plan is to arrive in Naples, Italy on 
Sunday, May 27th around noon.

of course, I'm hoping your plans will approximately coincide with this schedule so we can share the vehicle.
my plane will arrive from Paris
KLM 2154 operated by Air France

the villa will be available by the time we make the drive
from the airport to the house.
it's about 40 miles, mostly freeway.

return the next Sunday morning June 3rd

for those of you who have expressed interest in participating in this
forth=coming Amalfi Coast Girl's Holiday
I have a few questions for you, please.

What Would You Like To Do THE MOST?

there is no multiple choice answer for this,
just tell us

Now for specifics, would you like to:

Go to Capri

Drive the Beautiful Amalfi Coast with our Own Driver

Visit Amalfi & Positano

Have an Italian cooking class

Have dinner in a private home, as if we were Italian


Enjoy time at the Villa with the other ladies,
do some of our own cooking, and enjoying the essence of being on the Mediterranean

NOW, for some other details:

there is no dryer in the houses, a washer but no dryer (the air drys very fast)

towels are in short supply and we may have to reuse for 2 days,
I'm trying to make certain we have enough linens for our American needs

there will be NO provisions in the kitchen, except maybe salt & pepper, etc.
so we will have to shop or ask the housekeeper to shop for us.
having breakfast outdoors, overlooking the sea is enchanting & no one wants to miss this

team cooking at home?
would anyone want to do this at home?

wine glasses, there will be NO fine wine glasses on premises, do you want to pack your own

look up the temperature during the time we're going and pack accordingly.
you will not need more than 2 outfits in a day, ever.
& maybe only 1, dependent upon our plans

there are pharmacies, grocers, vino shops, mini-marts, fresh fruits & veggies
lemoncello vendors everywhere, and roadside stands, all fun.

however, if you are IN LOVE with a special brand of tissues or toilet paper, or bath soap
by all means bring your own supply.

life on the coastline is casual, but beautiful casual, not college-kid's casual...
I know you know.

do not overpack, there are shops everywhere with local merchandise, and you will find
every size of shoes and apparel, and this is a fun thing to do.

Sorrento has one of the most fabulous linen shops I've ever seen.

the MAIN thing is to enjoy the experience of 
just "being there."
the most relaxing, beautiful environment I've even seen.
everywhere you  look you see something beautiful,
something amazing
something that takes your breath away

& then there are the PEOPLE !!!
warm, wonderful and loud.


  1. Beautiful!!


  2. I have been in this area several times when cruising the Med. just enough to wet my appetite! I love to stroll and shop and eat at little cafes. I love anything around the water and have never visited the Blue Grotto which might be fun. A cooking class sounds amazing! I have done the survey trips so anything allowing us to rub elbows with the locals would get my vote. Wonder if we could rent a sailboat with a captain for a day? I am up for anything!!

    1. Hi Pat, thank you for giving us this information. Absolutely, we could hire a boat, be it a yacht or a sail. I know how beautiful it is from the water side, so I agree with you.
      Thankfully, there are amazing people in Sorrento who will help us with all these plans. All I have to do is tell them and ask for prices. My husband and I made friends with a few of them over the years. xx's

  3. Wow - what a wonderful opportunity. If only I had the budget or funds... I would be the first in line to raise my hand!
    I hope that everyone involved has a wonderful experience (how could you not, right?) and I can't wait to read all about it.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Trying our best to get the best possible prices. This is why the villa rental is the best deal of all. So so so much less than a hotel, especially a hotel with a VIEW !!

    2. Marsha - I will definitely keep my eye on this as it develops!
      FYI - I love to just open your blog and have the amazing music playing at my desk while a work. Thank you so much for sharing.
      Happy Saturday,

  4. for some reason, my comments are not showing up. I think everything sounds great. I am up for anything everyone else wants to do.


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