Saturday, January 20, 2018

Who is Going to ITALY with Us ???

hi everyone !
Houston finally has sunshine after our severe winter temps.
of course, anything below freezing is considered SEVERE
in our part of the world.

ok, something wonderful to share with you...

I got an email from a gentleman telling me he wanted
to gift his Significant Other with the Italian Holiday trip.
Yep !  
and, I just spoke to her and told her she was receiving an early
Valentine's Day gift,
as well as a late Valentine's Day gift
She was thrilled, as anyone would be.

now, it's time to commit to this amazing holiday

May 27 - June 3  
Sunday to Sunday

you should book your air travel to arrive in Naples Italy
on the morning of May 27th, where we will have
a car service picking all of us up.

the car service will be available all throughout our trip,
for additional charges, of course.

right now I need anyone who is ready to commit to the
holiday to make a good-faith deposit equaling
approximately 25%, about $250, of the total house rental fee

please go to PayPal and under "Money" you will
find a way to send money to friends and family,
there is no fee to do this on either end of the
please send the $250.00 to

also, please give me your full name as it appears on your

Summer In ItalyYour quote for Villa Orizzonte
Dear Marsha,
thank you very much for requesting a personal quote for Villa Orizzonte! I am writing to confirm availability and price for your dates.
If you wish, you can go ahead and enter your reservation through our web site -- or just be in touch and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.
Villa Orizzonte
Villa Orizzonte
Villa Orizzonte
Currently available from Sunday, May 27, 2018 to Sunday, June 03, 2018.
Rental price for the whole property for the entire stay: EUR 8,218.
Included in the price
The rental price includes: final cleaning; heating; parking; Wi-Fi Internet connection; linens and towels; maid service from Monday to Saturday 4 hours each day; beach/pool towels; electricity.
Available upon request: baby bed.
Additional expenses

if we do not get the 10 ladies to fill the home,
I have already chosen another, equally beautiful home, 
for us through the same agency.

this is a huge responsibility for me and I want to make certain
we all communicate with each other
prior to the holiday.

love to all


  1. That sounds like a wonderful trip! Also love your new song - it's so relaxing!


  2. This does indeed sound like a fabulous trip! Unfortunately I cannot go because I already have a trip planned for those very dates. I would love to be kept up to date about other trips, not just in Europe!

  3. Hello my dear Marsha
    I just want to send you love, and say how much I would have enjoyed your beautiful trip to Italy in the early summer. I am so sorry that for various reasons I am unable to join you and the other ladies.

    But I would also just like to say to everyone. I lived in Italy for some years, I absolutely adore it, its a magical place that I carry in my heart every day. Marsha is organising the most charming and breathtakingly beautiful trip. She has the integrity of the traveller's gift and experience to choose so well. You will love every single minute.
    Buon viaggio a tutti, che bella vacanza!
    Thank you Marsha
    Sally xx


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