Thursday, February 15, 2018

There Is A Time to Rant

and it's NOW !

with the history of crazy people 
shooting up schools/theaters/offices/churches
 all across this country

on every campus?

on every campus?


are they not ferreted out and treated?

WHY do the parents ALLOW THEIR CHILD,
to continue to be untreated?

to attend schools where all this is NOT in place?

WE, the people,
need to speak out about this,
we need to DEMAND THIS.

I have never had a gun of my own,
but grew up with guns around me, my father & brothers
and then my husbands.

But I guarantee you NOW I would learn how to use
a weapon and I would carry it everywhere I went.

I'm a mother of 2 adult children,
and have a total of 5 little grandchildren
& I shake thinking about these tragedies.

We all know, if we leave our country, we won't be as safe
as we are here, right?

but, HERE is where it's happening.

TIME to make a huge big change!

taking guns away is not the answer,
only a tiny tiny tiny percentage of gun owners
would ever do something bad.

for me, right now, WE need to be armed !!

concert venues had trained, armed professionals,
someone in that Texas church had a weapon?
someone in these schools had a weapon?

the killer's know they are going to be killed,
either by suicide or by the courts,
but IF we were armed, maybe ONE person could be saved?


robyn said...

It is madness to think that making guns illegal will help this problem. Meth and other drugs are illegal but the people who don't care about abiding by the law still have it. It would be the same way if our right to bear arms was taken away, the people who go on rampages shooting people, would still have guns. They would still be dangerous and deadly but now the law abiding citizens would not be able to defend themselves at all. I actually think it could cause an increase in the shooting madness since they wouldn't be worried about anyone possibly carrying a concealed weapon. We might as well face facts. The world is violent and we must be ready to defend our children and ourselves. Disarming citizens makes us weak and a bunch of sitting ducks. I agree with your post, we must be ready to defend if necessary.

Unknown said...

We have a different approach to gun control here in Australia and most Aussies are astounded by the number of mass shootings in America. My husband and I spend six to eight weeks in the USA every year and I am often asked by friends
here if we are frightened of being shot while we are in America.

Ginny said...

Why do assault weapons need to be legal? Ask the NRA. Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill peopke.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you, Marsha! Until we stop focusing on the "tool" that was used; we will never fix this problem. If someone has the intent to harm others they will do it; if not with a gun, then a bomb, a knife, a vehicle, etc... I am also tired of the see something say something. Then what? Authorities have to DO something! So tragic. So needless.

Merlin said...

"RIGHT" on!! franki

Justamom said...
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Audrey said...

I agree with you. If they don't use guns to kill us they drive over us with trucks. I doubt any of these mass shooters belong to the NRA, maybe I am wrong about this.
Thanks for posting.
There are 24 million people in Australia, how can you compare that to the USA with over 325,000,000 people? The more people, the more crazies.

Ginny said...

If it was your child that was mowed down by an AR15, I think your attitude would change. Guns should be available but assault weapons shouldn't. Do we want to arm everyone with bombs? Honestly. It's always so easy when it's not YOUR family. If that person had only a handgun, fewer people would have died. It's also about the numbers.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

And, obviously, the entire country needs to do better in recognizing and then treating people who have mental problems. We need to be unafraid to question the behaviors of people who are so obviously "off." Just makes me sick. To think that parents, teachers, neighbors don't seek help makes it their responsibility too.

Summer said...

Hi Marsha,
I am an Australian & I totally agree with you on the gun laws over there.
As for the whole incident though, the students from the school have said there were 3 shooters at least there.
As the quote goes,
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery".

Summer said...

Hi Marsha,
I am an Australian & totally agree with you on your gun laws in America.
However some of the students interviewed have stated there were 3 shooters at least.
As the quote goes,
"I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery".

sheilaa131 said...

We need sensible gun laws and assault weapons need to be against the law ...

Dianne Dunn said...

Sorry ~ really loved your blog until you posted this...
Educate yourself ..

Dianne Dunn said...

Sorry ~ really loved your blog until you posted this...
Educate yourself ..

Amy Hough said...

Bravo,well said