Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Can You Imagine ?

once here you will never forget how beautiful it is.

& yes, only going once is enough, because you will relive it in your mindfor the rest of your life.

my darling husband, Ned, 
knew I had dreamt of this place since I was
old enough to read magazines, 
so he made my dream come true.

how I miss the moments with him,
but I shall never forget the memories.

rip sweet ned


Merlin said...

Oh, my dear...a heartfelt hug for you. Thankful for good memories. franki

Lauren said...



www.sasafab123.com said...

Marsha my darling
Your words are so beautiful, just as you are. He is there with you my dear friend, and you have all the wonderful memories. I know the magic of Italy, such a special place.
Sending much love to you

Happy International Womens Day