Friday, March 9, 2018

The Art of the Peel

Your guide to at-Home peels

Few categories of beauty products instill fear in women in quite the same way as peels. I doubt any of us have forgotten that painful episode of Sex and the City in which Samantha gets an in-office peel and spends the rest of the episode with a face that resembles something like raw hamburger meat. Terrifying, much?
Thankfully, at-home peels are much gentler than any treatment that you would get at the dermatologist, but they can be surprisingly transformative. Whether you’re battle acne scars, congestion, or general dullness, these products are designed to gently yet thoroughly sweep away dead skin cells and debris, I have very delicate, pale and sensitive skin, born that way.  And, I'm in love with these treatments we can all do at home. They are inexpensive, considering the many uses you get from each product. I'm even loving the ones in the little single-use packets. I especially love the OXYGEN ones as you can actually feel the little  bubbles on your skin.  Done at night, prior to applying your night time skin creme, seems to work best for me.
Click through to scope out my picks, organized by skin type, and let me know—are these products aPEELing to you? (Sorry, sorry.)

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  1. Hi Marsha. I haven't tried an at-home peel so I'm intrigued. Thanks for all the tips. Last week I had a dermaplaning session at a spa and absolutely am sold. It was instant gratification, my skincare products go on easier, and makeup even looks better. Apparently the effect lasts around 3 weeks, and I'm going to have it done whenever I can! Happy weekend, friend. :)


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