Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Suppose We Re-Paint ?

a very learned, sophisticated and 
elegant woman once told me that
a woman should always have PINK 
as the main color in her home.

this was because she thought us women looked so much
better with the light reflecting off of pink.

pink lamp shades
pink light bulbs
pink walls
pink upholstery
with lots of warm woods, mirrors & gold frames around artwork

I believe I've come to this point in my life.

I'm longing to throw everything out and start over with

& tonight I saw this image of Stockholm
with the pinkish stucco walls, and I thought maybe the time is right for a change

now, this old wall is many shades of pink, leaning to a shade of apricot almost,
but that's its charm, I think.

think of faux painting the walls in those shades?

then think of the beautiful flowered upholstery you could bring into play,
and/or the old antique Persian rugs under your feet.

don't look at these walls as I'm most certainly NOT going for the farm house look,
I want smoldering warmth surrounding me

<3 the floral couch... the wooden coffee table and checkered ottoman... the beautiful doorway and crown molding that leads to the sweet dining room.

Image result for dishy coral paint color sample

Vintage Persian Rug 12.4 X 9.4 FT 377 X 287 CM by RetroRugs

I'm seeing this like many pieces of our wardrobes these days,
it looks "old" to have everything matching.

so mixing all tones and shades of a color would work beautifully for an outfit or for
my room

wouldn't it?


  1. That pink carpet is amazing!


  2. "US women?" No, no, no. "WE women." Incorrect grammar of the worst kind. Grates on my ears.

    1. Too funny! First I wrote "us girls" then I changed "girls" to women. Horrible mistake. Thankfully, you corrected me.

  3. YOU have such an eye...that color combo is beautiful!! franki


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