Monday, April 9, 2018

A Serious Wine Cellar in Houston

recently had an opportunity to have dinner in this amazing home in Houston,
opened for a charity function, the wonderful host & hostess allowed the attendees to wander a bit.

one of the main features we wanted to see was the much talked about wine cellar.


this is truly one in a million

& that's just about what they raised during the evening for one of the most worthy causes
in our city. a beautifully orchestrated event where every single person had a wonderful time.

in fact, no one wanted to go home !!

one of the lesser known facts about Houston is just how 
generous people are, whether it's charity underwriting,
doing something wonderful for children,
education, healthcare, caring for animals, etc.

& of course, all of you  know of our JJ Watt, 
a Houston Texan football player, 
who raised $47 MILLION for the hurricane relief efforts.
he gets out there and works alongside the regular
craftsmen, he waded in water up to his waist to help rescue
both people and animals, and we have found a true hero
in this beautiful 28-year old man.

in fact, he could be the President of the United States,
I think.

love to all of you, my friends.

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