Thursday, April 26, 2018

Beyond Wonderful

isn't this just about the cutest outfit you've ever seen for our young girls?

I heard once that if you planted a lemon tree (even in a big pot) that you would have good luck !!

so imagine the 'luck' when you WEAR lemons !
100% Cotton $35 Set

available in the LaLaLand Shop, clickable icon at
top left sidebar.

along with so much more

going to Wimberley tomorrow for the weekend,
maybe our entire family will be together at some point,
along with the 5 grandchildren, ages 2-10.

it's beautiful in Houston, sunny, crystal clear & 61f


what's up for your weekend?

now, dog (Bono, the rock-star Maltese) to groomer

me next !!


  1. The!


  2. Super cute ♥



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