Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Packing My Bags for Italy

some of the things I'm definitely taking along with me

Corey Striped Platform Sandal

this luscious Kate Spade sandal called "CORY"

her shoes are COMFORTABLE, the main requirement
when doing a lot of walking. I mean, there is just no
way I would suffer hurting feet while I'm trying to have fun
& look fabulous.
I asked Iris Apfel and she agreed !

& this little top because it's so forgiving,
even if you don't like your arms you can show a bit
off shoulder and be just fine.  
Bahama Off-the-Shoulder Layered Top

little top is Bailey 
all of you who read my blog know I'm not wearing jeans, especially NOT to
the Amalfi Coast of Italy

but I will wear this
Pearson Floral-Print Pajama Pants

with those sandals and the top,
the poly pant is by Alexis find them here
& they are WASHABLE

& this lovely bag, it's indestructible 
so you won't mind putting it on the floor when dining 
& it weighs almost nothing

Le Pliage Large Travel Bag

the Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon bag comes in many colors too

well, this is only ONE outfit, so there will be many more to
come soon.

I'm definitely thinking BAGS (handbags)
because I don't want to be overburdened
& there is simply no reason to take multiples of styles.

this is the time the big LV tote comes out,
always take it when travelling, it doesn't match anything,
but it's super sturdy and timeless,
pop another smaller bag inside with all my travelling needs,
passport, meds, phone, IPad, earbuds, a bit of makeup,
protein bars, Starbuck's Instant Drink Mix, a dry powder, in the
little tube packets, mix with water & you're good.
& my Kindle.
& maybe some fuzzy footie socks
(cannot bear bare feet in public places)

these are airplane/terminal shoes I love

Aria Demi-Wedge Mary Jane Flat

more to come, ladies.

I might plan my entire travel wardrobe right here on the blog !

check out the Girl's Collection from our newest venture,
my daughter & me,

La La Land

clickable icon on top left sidebar

prices from $24-70 only.
so very well priced for the beautiful merchandise
all Italian Cotton

designed by me & my daughter.
so much fun.


  1. Those pants are stunning!


  2. EVERY THING looks sooo chic and well, perfetto!! Takes lots of photos to post!!! franki

  3. Make sure you post a photo of yourself in that outfit on the Amalfi Coast. . .envious of your trip. Chuckled when I read you also travel with those Starbucks, instant packets!


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