Monday, May 28, 2018

My Loss, Your Gain

hi there,

while cleaning out one of my storage units this week,

I came upon Plastic Bins filled with NEW FASHION JEWELRY

Image result for photo of piles of jewelry

all purchased with the thought of re-selling it,
and then I didn't resell it, I stored it.

so, I'm gonna make you a deal !!

Image result for photo of piles of jewelry

I also bought some new boxes for shipping, but I bought SMALL boxes, not at all the size
I needed for the Children's Apparel from LaLaLand.

so I have NEW fashion jewelry and NEW boxes.

so if you trust my taste, and understand I would have only have  great stuff in storage,
I'm creating a BOX for you.

only thing I need to know is if you like

price of the BOX is $19.
that's it.

I promise you'll get about $100 worth of stuff.
to use as gifts or for yourself.
and remember ALL of it is NEW !!
stored in plastic bags, so absolutely perfect.

link to pay the $19.00 is on sidebar

and please remember 
all our military families and our country in your prayers this
Memorial Day Weekend
it's not for BBQ, it's to acknowledge how fortunate we are to live in the

Image result for photo of american flags

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