Thursday, May 24, 2018

Re-Ordering the Best Sellers & SUPER GOOD NEWS !

I am so happy to report that our
LaLaLand Collection 
has just been picked up by one of Houston's most iconic stores
(they have 2 super locations)

I feel like I've just been given a shot of confidence !!!

there are many styles & sizes that are SOLD OUT

I am re-ordering these pieces, all of which will be sent

if there is anything you are interested in purchasing
please click over to the shop


clickable icon at top left sidebar
& email me immediately

I will include your orders with the re-orders
so that delivery to you will be within 2 weeks
from now.

Happy Memorial Day Week-End

remember our military families & dogs
please say a prayer for all of these wonderful people.

& ask our Lord to calm the seas of turbulence and ugliness,
not only here in the USA,
but around the world.

He listens.

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