Sunday, July 22, 2018

HOT 100 in Houston

the PERFECT time to show you ONE look from

CHANEL"S Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

Chanel Pre Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

beautiful COLOR, which all us ladies in the South LOVE,
but the other pieces in the collection were BLACK BLACK BLACK.

Love the sweater dress with the plaid/check jacket.
This outfit would be HIGH WINTER in Houston where we often don't get but 3-4 days
of freezing temperatures.

I really do love this outfit !!

Tell me if you like or don't like, please !!!

gotta go to Memphis at the end of this week for a few days,
visiting dear dear friends who need a bit of help,
taking Bono, my little precious doggie, because they have
2 little doggies and the 3 play constantly.

My grand-daughter's birthday today, she's 8 !!
she and her sister are my models for 

take a quick peek at the web shop, we're adding

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