Sunday, August 5, 2018

Black Lacquer

there's something quite stunning to me about a 
beautiful shiny
BLACK lacquer door,
a front door.

“(via TumbleOn)

and then there is this BLACK, shiny black tabletop


yes, I could be very happy with all this.  one of my girlfriends used to make tablescapes like this,
she would work on them for days, literally days, taking pictures, making certain everything
was so beautiful her guests would just gasp.

my tables didn't quite look like this, because I'm more feminine, maybe dramatic, but not this dramatic, 
and I always had to have something with a touch of whimsy.

without a touch of whimsy, I think it's too sleek, too perfect, 
but NOT fun.

I'm for fun.

but all of this is quite beautiful, isn't it?

now, I'm inspired to have an after Labor Day party, heading into the holiday season,
maybe I can be the 1st party of the season 
(if I start right this minute) !


  1. Lovely, Miss Marsha. Just perfect.

  2. I'm with you babe!! Wow and whimsy are the best!! franki

  3. When my son in law went to work for a shoe company which shall stay nameless we gave him a big dinner to celebrate and my centerpiece was a row of antique shoes porcelain etc.... I used to decorate windows for a clothing boutique many moons ago I always thought the most unlikely objects always drew attention....

  4. At my last home, in the Appalachian Mountains, my entry doors were all black lacquer. Now, all the doors are white with glass and that's good as well.


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