Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Can We Talk About Drinking ?


hi everyone and welcome to the holiday season !!!

last night, while having dinner with 2 girlfriends, 
I was reminded of
my issues with consumption of "beverages."

one of the girlfriends had 1 glass of wine too many 
and launched into a tirade over the other woman's 
daughter (who misbehaves badly).

over the years I've struggled with being 
"over-served" a few times.

we used to be able to laugh about this, but the time has
come for me to just say "NO" because I really don't want
to have so much fun I can't remember it.

Clare, my friend, was not a pretty picture as she
lectured, way too much, over the other friend's daughter
(daughter is an entitled woman, almost 60 years old,
never married and never worked 1 day in her life,
well educated, well travelled and spoiled rotten,
who blames her mom for EVERYTHING, including
her sister committing suicide 40 years ago, including her own bout with cancer 17 years ago).


so, commencing today, I'm putting the drink aside forever.

and, oh yes, I do enjoy a fine wine
I love Bombay Martini's on the rocks with olives.

but, one loses grace & elegance when one reaches a certain age (and I've reached IT!) & drinks too much.

& sometimes WE don't realize WE'RE drinking too much,
when we're drinking.

I never drink at home when I'm alone. 
So, with a great change of mental attitude on this, I've
decided. And, the decision is final.

Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?

I'm thinking I won't say a word to anyone, but you guys.
I'll toast with the table, but sit the glass down.
I'll drink water.
& no one will notice.

LaLaLand is doing very well.
Delivering over 300 pieces to Bering's 2 shops in Houston this week, then another 200-300 to 2 other shops in Houston.
and about 100 pieces sold online.
I'm exhausted but loving the creative process, and was
lucky enough to have my former housekeeper and her
family put all the labels and hangtags on all the garments.

what would have taken me 2-3 days, took the 4 of them
overnight, and I feel so privileged to have that wonderful
family help me out.

sending love, everyone !!!!



  1. I don't drink simply because alcohol doesn't agree with me at all. I become ill after usually half a glass of wine. It is just not worth it to me. However, somehow my not drinking often causes others around me to become uncomfortable. For some odd reason, I often find others strongly encouraging me to drink even after I explain my reason for not doing so. It is unbelievable to me that my refusing to drink causes such a weirdness in social situations. Anyway- I hope you fare better in this situation because I am sure others will notice and have some comments about it.

    1. Social weirdness? I think it's definitely more socially weird when someone is drunk and disorderly. And, good grief, if it makes you sick, absolutely NOT. Cranberry juice looks like a cocktail ??? I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm finished forever, no excuses needed. Big hug, Dana. Thank you for reading my blog. !!! xx's

    2. I totally agree with Dana. I don’t drink for the same reasons and have experienced the same reactions in others for not doing so. Even to the point, by some, of being taunted or teased, called a prude or stuck up because I don’t partake. And mind you, I’m just as lively, pleasant, and involved in the conversation or whatever the activity is as the next person. Strange, to say the least. (I even suspect that my husband and I have been excluded from some gatherings due to neither of us drinking. And, we have never judged those who do partake. Not even one word to them at all. But we’re OK with being excluded.) Hope you fare better with others not noticing.

    3. I am not a alcohol drinker either, gosh knows I did enough of that while with others getting caught up in the excitement and the fun too! And my college days are over. DUI's today are far more severe now and they are dangerous to self and others. Many don't think to get a cab due to the grandiose feeling they can drive. It makes me sick too and not worth it really. Maybe people should endulge in legal cannibis instead. LOL

  2. Well said Marsha! Love your open and sincere way with words. I once found it embarrasing to witness 2 women in their mid sixties become fishwives with language that would make a sailor blush! Sparkling water in a beautiful stemmed glass is my way of enjoying myself and remaining composed and elegant!

    1. Noreen, what a hideous scene that must have been. And, it wasn't pretty the other night. Sparkling water in a beautiful glass is definitely the answer. Thank you so much for reading this post and commenting. It means so much to me.

  3. I hesitate to speak, Marsha, but i will. I drank far too much when i was much younger. Nowadays, water hydrates my skin so much more flatteringly. I suppose one could ask why one would drink so much? Sometimes, a rightly-timed Pimms and lemonade, a champagne, a cocktail, a red, a white just suit the occasion. I do think you are brave to stop drinking just as we are coming into the party season and Christmas egg nogs with brandy.

    1. I've only just begun to realize WATER is key. I even feel better with the right amount of water in my body. Yes, the holiday season isn't a good time to start, but I've started !! xx's

  4. I gave up drinking 10 years ago. I was struggling with depression and was self-medicating with alcohol. I got some help, thankfully, and though I do sometimes miss a nice glass of wine, I like the idea of being in control of myself. And I'm going to be a grandma, and the idea of being an inebriated grandma is revolting!! Best to you as you decide to remain elegant and sober! xo

    1. Deb, yes !! Sometimes the drink makes everything "seem" better. I'm a very funny inebriated girl. But, never will I be out of control, or even go in that direction again. And, I have 5 little grandchildren.

  5. You NAILED IT...honestly...HOW MANY TIMES do we read...colleges, political, parties...women being "compromised," etc...and WHAT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR..."I had been drinking MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE, etc. etc. etc." When will WE ever learn, when will we ever learn... More Power to YOU, my dear. Just because...I rarely drink, now, an evening out with one drink only...it's a burden we can bear. THANX franki

  6. NOTHING like a drunk woman filled with anger..or man.....many are raised with narcissistic mothers (many books on the subject, Richard Grannon on YOUTUBE is on this now and I might add he adds humor (that helps) to this "serious" painful discovery within families we find out) or raise narcissistic children..NPD...then CPTSD sets in....or even form some divide among their children. Certainly, children don't see or know this, how could they. Many years later, into late adulthood, they research out things, discover the issues, a become more awake to this shock from childhood they endured and to later begin to heal from these things that come to the surface. The shock is painful. Its a doulbe edge sword, I love my mother I hate my mother. Its painful. I am not saying this about your friends but certainly something to review as an idea. Its ashame what innocent children grow up around in life. I am HAPPY to hear, sweetheart, your LaLaLand store is doing well.

  7. Thank you SO much for this great information. I am going to listen to the YouTube videos and pass them on to the ladies. How insightful you are, my precious friend. Yes, I know, children cannot possibly know everything, even when they think they do. So much tragedy there. I've experienced it with my late husband's adult children from 2 previous marriages. I was no one's mother, so IF there was anything wrong, from their viewpoint I was the PROBLEM. Of course, that wasn't at all the case.
    Thank you for taking the time to talk about this. xx's

    1. Marsha, there are many books out on the narcissist mother and other types of mothers out here to read about. Many on Amazon. Our society is, to me & many psychologist, becoming more narcissistic with all the social media today and there is rampant depression in many generations. No one has a perfect life, many haven't the money to "keep up" with all that others sell of their perfect life all over social media. It is an epidimic and many psychologist, that are well respected, are seeing this today. NPD can really hurt others in families, relationships, friendships. It is good to know the traits of such types as many do not know, so they take the abuse. Its also called narcissistic supply, the NPD searches these people out. It is well worth studying. A friend of mine has a friend thru business, she is now in her 70's that just discovered why her life has often been very painful. It takes years to find out sometimes and years ago no one spoke about NPD's. This was a shock to her to find this out in her later life. It is sad but at least she now understands what happened. We want to love our families, and do, for there are wonderful times too, that is what keeps many confused. Then they learn of this disease. Psychopath narcissism. Some bleed into Asberger's/ Autism too. None of this was discussed many many years ago.

  8. Hello Marsha,

    So happy to hear about the success of your beautiful dresses. So exciting.

    As for the drinking, I think there is nothing wrong with moderation, but when you become a public spectacle (by you I mean the drinker) than it is not acceptable. I am proud of you for making a decision that is best for you.

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  9. Hi, Marsha,

    I adore all the dresses, each and every one, and congratulate you sincerely and heartily on your success!

    About the drinking--who was the designated driver? Hopefully, she didn't attempt to drive herself home!?!

    Even though I don't have a drinking problem, when I attend events or special occasion lunches or dinners, I always ask for sparkling water with a splash of white wine in a wine glass. Like you, I've been around people who drink too much. I can't control anyone else's behavior, but I certainly can take care of my own. Love your blog!

    1. No, she was house=guesting with the other lady. Thankfully. They are lifelong friends since college, and absolutely nothing with interfere with the friendship. It's just that with a bit of extra wine she became brave enough to "speak the truth." xx's

  10. I certainly admire your decision Marsha, don't think I could do it right now but perhaps will give it a shot after the hols.
    Of course one could have a small glass of wine - which is all I drink when it comes to alcohol - and a many pretty glasses of water along with it perhaps!!!!!!!


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