Friday, December 14, 2018

The Heart of A Home..


I love the huge table in the kitchen, it's functional and inspirational at the same time.

one of my girlfriends represents a vendor who makes PERSONALIZED ENGRAVED

the "saying" can be anything.

I'm completely charmed by this idea as a gift which will last FOREVER !!

always what I try to gift is a "forever" gift.

however, if I happen upon something dreamy, something
wearable, I'm a total sucker for that as a gift.
girls must be girls !!!
right ??

Merry Christmas, ladies !!!

heading to the hill country for the entire holiday season on the 19th of December, car partially loaded already,
just me and Bono going to my daughter's home in Wimberley,
Texas.  such a great small town during the holidays.
little events everywhere, precious shops for last minute shopping,
and "real neighbors" in a neighborhood.


  1. That table is beautiful and reminds me of the table I had in my last farmhouse kitchen. Marsha, have a lovely, safe time/trip. You are loved. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

  2. Marsha have a great holiday with your daughter. We did not make it to Wimberly when we were in the Hill Country. I wish we had!


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