Thursday, December 27, 2018

Through the Window


don't you LOVE this little girl with the golden shoes, ballet shoes, but not quite toe-shoes.

wonder what her life will be like?

for the look of the divine decor one knows her life will be beautiful.

all the best, my friends, as we round the corner of 2018 (still cannot believe how fast it flew by),
and come up on 2019.

what is your fondest wish for the coming year?

come on...tell us !!!


as always


  1. So very nice that you are again posting regularly. Always look for you when I'm having my morning coffee .
    Best to you in the New Year!

    1. Diane, I'm trying to resume on a regular schedule. My new children's collection called LaLaLand for Kids is taking up so much of my time now, but I think I have a winner. So happy to hear from you. Happy New Year !!!!!

  2. Precious and right on pointe' franki

  3. In a recent conversation with a long time friend we agree that our lives are a bit out-of-control, a bit shallow. We recalled our journal writing project from years ago driven by the book, Simple Abundance. That conversation started more, now I am moderating an invitation only Facebook group where we will re-visit the book, the process and journal documentation expressing our gratitude for our lives. I am thrilled and hope that I can do a service to all those who join us. It is such a transformative exercise, it lasts one year. This is my plan for 2019 everything else will fall into place from there. It has before, it will again.

    1. Though I have very little time these days I would love to know more about this project. Please email me
      Happy New Year and ALL that you wish for in 2019


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