Thursday, January 3, 2019

Table Settings


This looks like a restaurant setting, but the point I wish to make is these little vases are
exactly the kind I use scattered up and down my dining table.

I've had many of them for 30+ years (good God, WHERE did the time go?!!)
but when I'm out and about if I see something else I like I grab them.

Any kind of flowers work, that's the good part.
The other thing is that there are flowers everywhere but people can see over them, you know?
Like, it's kind of fun to talk across the table.

Tina's little lamps for dining tables would be the only thing I would add.
I'm getting those someday too.

And, I love beautiful Battenberg-type place mats, not tablecloths.
Beautifully starched & ironed with the same napkins.

We have collected antique sterling napkin rings over the decades and I use them all the time.
Not one person has ever asked who "Aunt Alice" is.  

Anyway, I'm still in Wimberley, Texas and have been doing a lot of fancy cooking,
because my daughter does not like to cook at all.  And, I mean, NOT AT ALL.

I'll put up the divine Shrimp recipe I made a couple of nights ago soon.
Easy, Wonderful & Very Beautiful to Serve.

stay on your toes, girlfriends.
2019 us a chance to renew, refresh and do-over.

my saying of the day:

"Oh my, I don't need EVERYTHING, I have no where to put it "

by me.

over 10 years blogging last August.
2400 published posts

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  1. There is "Just something" about a "put together" tablescape...I ENJOY doing it!! I rather enjoy "cooking," too. Luv the creative vases. franki

  2. What are Tina’s little table lamps?

    1. Tina at The Enchanted Home blog shop. Little candlelit lamps for each place setting. They are wonderful !!

  3. Love this idea for flowers and table settings. Happy Happy New Year to you and yours~ xx Jackie


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