Friday, April 19, 2019

How Perfect !

wishing everyone an Easter weekend filled with peace and love.

love for everything.  everything.

ask our Father what we can do to end the divide in our country, to find ways to help our homeless,
to end the never-ending war(s) & take care of our vets & their families.

and once you've asked Him for all of this,
please ask Him how I can lose weight !!!

big hug from beautiful, sunny Houston


  1. Backatcha!! Peace be With You! franki

  2. Lovely sentiments for our Easter and Passover weekend. Cherish our families and pray for our nation. We have many flaws but we are still the best country on earth. Blessings to you and yours!

  3. If you get an answer, let me know, haha! Happy Easter.

  4. Beautiful kitchen and outdoor space. Yes, peace to all.

  5. Hello dearest Marsha and a very Happy Easter to you and your lovely family from England.
    God bless you darling you always touch me with your words, I have asked God for all goodness and grace on this Easter day, and the sun is shining warmly here. I hope He also answers my swimsuit prayer :) but give thanks anyway.
    Much love to you,
    Sally xxX

    ps. I think La La Land is exquisitely beautiful...Brava my sweet friend

  6. CELERY JUICE first thing in the AM!BEFORE will clean you out!16 ounces!Wait 30 minutes before drinking a cuppa!!XX

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