Friday, May 17, 2019

Where My Heart Lives

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one of my blogging friends has suggested 
I put together another Italian holiday.

what do you guys think?

it would make me so happy to return, 
but I'm afraid the summer is upon us and, therefore,
to late to prepare for this season.

however ?

if I do it again, I'm going to have a travel agent/partner
receive all the funds from the participants,
as that was just so difficult for me last year.

and, no matter how each and every penny is accounted for there will always be someone who disputes and/or is concerned.

So, there will be a flat fee for everything except the transportation, which will be each person's own responsibility.

I'll plan an itinerary, put it out there, and say this is how much it costs.  It's simply the only way I've discovered.

in fact, one of the ladies said I "mislead them"  
HOW?  She did not explain.
So, I spent months worrying about what she thought.

more later, after I give this a good thinking.

have a lovely weekend, ladies !!



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  1. What a great idea. Returning to Italy will warm your heart. Learned a long time ago when dealing with other peoples money or children to beware. There is always someone who will fuss! Have a lovely day, you are an inspiration.

    1. Know what? Your comment has lifted me up !! Thank you for your kindness and following along with me. I so appreciate it. xx's

  2. Been there...some people...*sigh* franki

  3. Why not gather a group of close friends together and just take an Italian holiday. Everyone figures out how they get there and what they will do without any organization beyond arrival and departure dates. In fact, let me take that idea one step further: read Frances Mayes's novel, Women in Sunlight. . .then let your imagination soar about travel to Italy!

    1. Hey guys, that's certainly one way to do it. Or only take close friends and/or family. I've read all of Ms. Mayaes's books and certainly understand your recommendation. I think I tried to make the "trip" perfect, or my version of "perfect." Totally agree with YOU !!

  4. Recommend Ann Moran of Just For You Travel for Amalfi Coast!!!

  5. Good blog you have here.. It's hard to find quality writing like yours these days.
    I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  6. Of course I would always prefer to travel with friends but one learns so much by getting out of one's comfort zone and there is always the chance you will make some wonderful new friends so i'm leaning (slightly)towards a trip with your blog readers but exactly as you say: my price, my rules, no exceptions, your only option is to leave early if you're not happy. I must tell you I was searching for a report and pictures from last year's trip and, perhaps I missed it but I was so disappointed not to hear about it. But you seem to have put a lot of effort into the planning and honestly, I think anyone who feels "mislead"--whether true or not--needs to understand that she had the opportunity to ask questions if something was important to her and if she didn't, it's on her. She can plan her own trip next time. I hate to sound so black and white but in a situation where I did all the legwork and took all the responsibility, I would of course expect some differing opinions but I would also hope that everyone understood that the only way to have it exactly as you want it, is to do it yourself. When you tag along on another's plans, you do so with the understanding that you get the good and the bad of it because it's their plan and not yours. Or am I crazy?


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