Thursday, November 7, 2019

Italy, You Know How Much I Love It !!

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I was delighted to see the recent selection from Trip Advisor
of the 

& guess what?

one of my favorite, and one of the MOST beautiful, places
is #3 on this amazing list


on beautiful Lake Orta in the lake country of Italy.

my late husband & I spent a week here, touring around the
entire area, even having dinner at the magnificent
Villa d'Este.  he really knew how to treat his wife to brilliant,
never-to-be-forgotten events.

anyway, this is surely a place to put on your 
bucket list

& the read the review on Trip Advisor

you can drive up to the lake country from Milano,
that goodness for GPS because it's so easy to get hopelessy lost
(as I did), or book a car service to take you there, sit back
& enjoy the ride with beautiful scenery.

I mean, literally, there is always something gorgeous to see.

once there, 
like a real Italian would, sleep late, sip espresso,
wonderful wines, and walk everywhere you can.
the lake is right there, take it all in...
you will regret this holiday if you don't slow waaaaay down.



  1. What a fabulous getaway you two had and what wonderful memories you made!

    1. Travel enriches you in so many ways. You guys know that, of course. !!!!
      Bon Voyage !!

  2. Beautiful memories - I will dream on those photos when I sleep tonight. I love to read about your wonderful travels. You are so blessed!

    1. We bought this vacay on
      What a bargain it was. We used this site for so many trips, and referred all our friends too.
      Don't know about it now, but it was SUPERB then. LuxuryLink, I mean.

  3. for me it is the Jules Verne on top of the Eiffel Tower at night.

  4. I am so glad you did this, have this wonderful memory. Do "things" sooner than later isn't just a phrase...franki

    1. Yes, that was exactly it !! We were already running out of time, so we crammed so many things into those wonderful years. Franki, thank you, as always for visiting me.

  5. I bet you two had a blast! Fun to share memories.

    1. Cindy, it was SO hot that year that we had to stop in a hotel on the way to Villa d'Este to take a shower and change clothes !!! How many other men would have put up with that !!! But, he loved my craziness !!! Our driver didn't understand what we were doing, but when we emerged from this little hostel dressed to the 9's he got it !!!


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