Tuesday, July 7, 2020


I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.


Washington, D.C. in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph ...

here we are in July 2020 
& I feel like we are in the YEAR FROM HELL.
I know all of you do, as well.

Quarantined for weeks, months.
maybe there are some good things in this as families are realizing the actually can get along with each other, learning new ways to do almost everything, from home-schooling to cooking.
husbands & wives at home together, all the time.

grocery and pharmacy runs seem to be the only things I do.
except to have dinner with friends.

Houston has re-shut down about half-way again.
50% occupancy in the restaurants, all staff wearing masks & gloves, patrons required to wear masks until seated.
it actually takes the ambiance out of the experience, therefore, making getting "take-out" so much better.

my darling daughter-in-law, who has been undergoing
treatment for cancer at MDAnderson here in Houston
had successful surgery yesterday.
NO ONE can be with her !!
not even her husband, my son.
& that is tragic !!

she is going to be a cancer survivor, but I'm certain there
will be follow-up treatments for a long time.

we feel blessed by our Lord on this one.
they have 4 little kids, ages 4-12, so many many many obligations to take care of them all.  my son has been a trooper throughout, and so has her sister.

Houston is HOT.
my puppy has a skin infection which we are still treating,
& must be washed 2X a week with a special shampoo to
ward off the spread.

My nails & toes !!!

My hair, I can do it myself, even trimming, so I'm OK there.

here in my condo building, there are a few of us who are good friends, and we've discovered cooking for a gang is as easy as cooking for one.
so, some days my dinner is just left in front of my door!
& I do the same when I cook.
so there's no obligation to go anywhere unless we want to.

how are you guys faring?

I wish the Presidential election was tomorrow so
we could get all this mess over with.

& if President Trump gets re-elected let us all pray
that there will be no more anti-Trump crap going on.
the Congress needs to govern, not make up allegations,
all of which have been proven untrue, and get on with
the business of WE THE PEOPLE.

sending love...

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you all the way dear Marsha!
    Life is very hard right now for us all, however for your sweet daughter and your family it must be extra tough. My thoughts and prayers are with her - may things improve quickly and may she make a full recovery.
    God bless you all.

    Getting hair trimmed today - no more color though, going 'silver' now (best chance right now to make the big change!) . . . . .and forever I guess!
    Did get nails/pedi when salon re-opened a few weeks ago, thank goodness - mine were disgusting too!
    Hang in there sweet lady - know your area is not doing well, ours is similar with numbers increasing again after the big get-togethers recently - such as protests, beaches and holidays!


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