Saturday, August 15, 2020

To Blog or Instagram? This is the Question

I have so much fun on InstaGram perhaps I'm addicted.

but, if so, it's a good addiction as I meet and re-visit so many virtual friends from around the world.

& I'm wondering:  has IG taken the place of blogging?

now, another subject...a new book

Cover art

I've only just started this new book, but it's already wonderful !!!

Highly recommend !!



  1. Well, Marsha, Instagram is my happy place. I think there’s a place for both. In fact, most bloggers are also on Instagram. Go for it, but keep your blog!
    Angela Muller

  2. how interesting to finally type a message...i do not do instagram
    or any other media

  3. I’m not keen on Instagram Marsha ..... it feels so impersonal to me and full of influencers trying to make money !!!! Blogging is seen as old fashioned now but I prefer it .... I met so many lovely people through blogging but, sadly, many have moved on to Instagram and other social platforms but I find them cold and short and sharp .... probably a reflection of the world we now live in. XxXX


Please know how much I value your comments. I read every single one and do hope you will take the time to leave your thoughts. I think InstaGram with the Emojis have taken a lot away from blogging, but I love IG too.