Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bouquet For My Buddies

My 100th Post

I finally get it. 
I mean, about blogging and the world of friendships one
makes in this www haystack.

Last night on "House" the TV show a woman was dying and
her only decision was whether or not to post about her
illness and options.
She felt connected to her "family" out there
and wanted their advice.

It's only been a short time for me, like starting last August, but I've come
to love sharing thoughts, information, advice with every person who
has ever made a comment.  I DO feel like I know some of you.
Deb at Dumbwit Teller, Renee at Renee Finberg, Juls at Papier Creatif
Marina, Deanna, Francine, Lene, Violetta, & on & on.

It is a good thing.

In a world where the internet has made social skills almost unnecessary, and
apparel so casual one can work in PJ's, it is comforting to know so many
of us still need the touch and feel of another human being who can
share thoughts, words and deeds.  We are compassionate and loving.
And, I truly think this blogging can be healing in many ways, from writing
out our thoughts, with no holds barred, to finding people who
share some of the same issues & can become friends. 
  As well, we find people who have
the same passions for fashion, interiors, boating, sewing, kids,
exercise, cooking & cleaning etc.

What's not to love?

Thank each of you who send me messages, I appreciate & value each one.

Now, I have to go work on my closet post coming soon.....

(artwork by Laura Hall)