Saturday, March 13, 2010's almost time

walk along and wiggle
your toes in the sand with me.
let's pretend we're children again, free
to run, shout, play

and experience joy in the sunlight & moonbeams 

where would you love to spend your holiday this year?

Amalfi Coast of Italy...
or on any beautiful blue water spending hours reading,
chit-chatting with my friends, having cocktails before
either cooking at home or heading out for a night of
lovely restaurants with very special wines.

there is really nothing better than having all your family
& friends stay in 1 house while on vacation, everyone helping
with menu planning, shopping, sampling cheeses & wines,
& remembering how really peaceful & gentle life should be.

beautiful 10mm butter jade beads
hand-knotted with silk turquoise cord,
starfish clasp of Swarovski Crystals &
Angelskin Turquoise,
clasp can be removed to wear as brooch
& closure for necklace can be in the front,
side or back
(special order only)



Deanna said...

Oh Marsha! This would be heavenly walking on the beach and listening to the waves crash against the rocks. I probably wouldn't want to ever go home again.

This doesn't have much to do with beaches...but I'd like to go to some living Williamsburg.

Have a great week-end! I'm cleaning.

Desde my ventana said...

So wondefull,:I would like to be there.
Have a nice sunday.

Marina said...

I cant wait for summer Marsha!

We were on the Amalfi coast last summer ... and trying to decide where to go this year, after such a bitterly cold winter.
I just love that crystal blue water!

Marija said...

Italy sounds perfect. Have you been to Croatia? I think you would love it. You are correct, though, surrounded by the right people is all that matters...

Have a great week!


Kristin said...

Oh, yes...just a few more months! I am spending my holiday in Italy, too! We were there for the first time last summer and we totally fell in love with the country, the food, the people, the language...! We spent our holiday at Lake Garda, a beautiful place. This year, just outside the beach! Looking forward to summer, lots of reading, drinking some good wine and everything else you mentioned. Thanks for inspiring me :) :)

Belle de Ville said...

Lovely photos, they remind me of how much I need a vacation!

Simone said...

Such beautiful photos Marsha, I was quite lost for a moment there....!! The water reminds me of Antigua where we spent part of our honeymoon....I remember driving round a corner on the island and seeing the pale blue sea, almost turquoise really....I had never seen that colour was quite amazing.

So many places to visit.....Amalfi would be wonderful....Positano....aahhhh :)

The South of France, just on the coast in between Nice and Monaco is our happy holiday place....hopefully we may make it there in August :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I so agree on what makes a heavenly holiday.....I'm just dying to step into these photo's...truly.


Lovely photos, Marsha! Wish I was on vacation now. I have a few beach vacations planned but they're not for a while.

Hope you're enjoying the week! :)


Juls~ said...

Oh Marsha!

This is so *not fair* to tempt us all! It's telling me that I am due for a little getaway! If only for a weekend somewhere warm, sunny & romantic!

Juls~ said...

p.s. That necklace is awesome! Too cute and perfect!