Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bouquet For My Buddies

My 100th Post

I finally get it. 
I mean, about blogging and the world of friendships one
makes in this www haystack.

Last night on "House" the TV show a woman was dying and
her only decision was whether or not to post about her
illness and options.
She felt connected to her "family" out there
and wanted their advice.

It's only been a short time for me, like starting last August, but I've come
to love sharing thoughts, information, advice with every person who
has ever made a comment.  I DO feel like I know some of you.
Deb at Dumbwit Teller, Renee at Renee Finberg, Juls at Papier Creatif
Marina, Deanna, Francine, Lene, Violetta, & on & on.

It is a good thing.

In a world where the internet has made social skills almost unnecessary, and
apparel so casual one can work in PJ's, it is comforting to know so many
of us still need the touch and feel of another human being who can
share thoughts, words and deeds.  We are compassionate and loving.
And, I truly think this blogging can be healing in many ways, from writing
out our thoughts, with no holds barred, to finding people who
share some of the same issues & can become friends. 
  As well, we find people who have
the same passions for fashion, interiors, boating, sewing, kids,
exercise, cooking & cleaning etc.

What's not to love?

Thank each of you who send me messages, I appreciate & value each one.

Now, I have to go work on my closet post coming soon.....

(artwork by Laura Hall)


Simone said...

Beautifully and perfectly put...as befits a lady from Texas :)

Congratulations on your 100th post....fabulous!

Here's to many more.....


Deanna said...

A big congrats to you on your
100th post!!! Mercy, time flies. Soon it will be your 1 year anni.

Can't wait to see your closet post.
I have really enjoyed visiting with you through blogging.
Cheers and shine on,
d from HomeHaven

Plantress said...

Weel I am a little late to the friendship party as a new follower but I hope that next year I'll be on that list of friends! A very nice post. I love the bouquette and I really love your header. Very attractive.

Well, hope to see the 101 post and so on.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Congrats on your 100th post - sounds like you really have the bug!
Thank you for becoming a PF follower!
Hosting a Collections party tomorrow - come on by!

Marina said...

To my dear friend Marsha ... congratulations on your 100th post!
It sure is amazing what this big www has created!
I love that fushia pink artwork!

And here's to the next 100 (clink clink!)

Kristin said...

I couldn't agree more! The blogworld is amazing! I just love everything about it! And so exciting to meet new friends!!! Congratulations to you!

xo's Kristin

Renee Finberg said...

this post ROCKS!!!
you get it!
isn't it amazing??

love xx

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Condgats on your 100th post. Our blogging friends are so inportant to us. I just was at a blogging conference (and the oldest one there) and learned that our closest blogging friends that we keep in touch with are called our "tribe". Very suiting! Meeting people and building encouraging relationships is a lovely part of the blog world.

I also know that posting, and planning and picture taking and being able to write is more fun than I ever imagined! And I have learned so much from others!

So, congrats- and keep blogging. It was delightful to meet you today.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour and congratulations on your 100th post. You've captured the whole blogging world perfectly.

I was sure I became a follower when I was here last, so i joined again. I've been having some issues with Blogger lately but of course it may be me!

Thank you for your interest in the online magazine, I would welcome any ideas you have. I think now is a good time. Would you mind if I contact you by email?

Have a great weekend!

vicki archer said...

Huge congratulations on your 100 posts..I agree, blogging is fun because of the people we meet. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh what a beautiful post, blogging really is amazing and so are the people we meet through it!

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Juls~ said...


YAY 100th POST!

I've been away, traveling to Longview for a golf tourny over the weekend, then soccer on Sunday.

Came back to visit your blog and *WOW* you've been busy! Beautiful words & sentiments, Marsha. I agree whole-heartedly. And you do inspire me to dress & adorn myself more *glamoursly*! Amazing how beautiful hair, make-up, clothing & jewelry add a skip in our step!

For now, my life is casual - but a girl can *DREAM BIG & SEEK INSPIRATION!*